Apple + Christmas = Fail

I’ve purchased three iPhones. Of these, two have been defective out-of-the-box. The first was my first, a first generation iPhone. It was DOA — no charge, no taking a charge. I turned around and headed back to the Apple Store and made the exchange — no problem. Next was my wife’s phone, another first generation. No… Continue reading Apple + Christmas = Fail

Show me Your True Face: Zen & the Internet

[Cross-posted from the Baltimore Zen Center’s site. Visit and comment!] When you speak, what is speaking? When you listen, what is hearing? Does your eye see? A corpse has eyes, yet what does it see? When friends, family, or lovers communicate with a level of familiarity or intimacy, what is they are sharing? Ultimately, there… Continue reading Show me Your True Face: Zen & the Internet