Stopping Short

Is there a Doctor in the House? I have a masters degree. I also have a fair body of original research reviewed and approved as a dissertation submission. What I am missing from completing a Ph.D. is going back and sitting through some classes: paying the money and doing the time. Does this make sense?… Continue reading Stopping Short

The Package

What might this message mean to convey? Excerpt from (Some Organization’s) Guidelines Promotions and Ranking: It is important to understand that rank comes from one’s sensei and not an organization. This is one of the core precepts of the student/sensei relationship. This holds true for everyone in the (organization). It seems innocuous enough. Let me… Continue reading The Package

Shodan / The Internship Program

For three of the five years I served as an employee at a very large organization, I held the title of “intern.” It was an amusing title—given that my peers and I almost all held advanced graduate degrees and several of us had previous experience in industry, the military, academia, or some combination—but it was… Continue reading Shodan / The Internship Program