Detour. Become what is missing. Find where it goes… Stop. What is “what is missing”? Go find it.

Conversation: “We have seen the Enemy, …”

Question: “Remember – directly attacking bad guys (war) means they win because we become them. So, how do we get the riveted attention of the bad guys and make them think twice?” Response: Looking forward, seeing one on the other side,Shouting, his voice annoys you.How will you get his attention,Not recognizing the back of your… Continue reading Conversation: “We have seen the Enemy, …”


Seeing differences or seeing sameness,Seeing deficiencies or seeing superiority,Seeing right way or seeing wrong way—We can fill our days like this here or there.

R.L. Stevenson’s Requiem, Revised

I was that sailor on the shore.I was that hunter at the store.You gave me form, expected more…And that is how you killed me. The body here, the mind was there,Rarely a moment did they share.Come together, unite the pair,Resurrect the corpse—see clearly!