MDA Volunteering with Safeway

Forward The period leading up to the end of summer is busy for a number of reasons, but in our case it coincides with the major MDA fund-raising period that leads up to the Labor Day Telethon. Part of our volunteer duties include visiting Safeway grocery stores in the area, raising awareness,participating in different events,… Continue reading MDA Volunteering with Safeway

What is Disease? Letter to the IAFF through MDA

Firefighters of the Eastern Region! It is a beautiful spring day! The sun is shining brightly and a cool breeze blows. In this moment, it is so easy to look at our lawns and forget that not so long ago they were buried in over four-feet of snow, and it is so easy to look… Continue reading What is Disease? Letter to the IAFF through MDA

A Note on Health Care Reform

My nine-year-old son has a pre-existing condition.  He’s had it since birth.  It’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  It’s incurable and it’s steadily degenerative. Through no fault of his own, I lost my job sometime ago.  Through no fault of his own, I could not afford COBRA payments, which for a family of four were on… Continue reading A Note on Health Care Reform

MDA Fundrasing

Every year, business people, community leaders, and others are voluntarily arrested and “locked-up.” While in custody, they make calls to raise bail money, dollars that are donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). It’s a fun day for everyone, and this year my son will be making an appearance at the local lock-up, Jordan’s Steakhouse… Continue reading MDA Fundrasing

MDA Camp Canceled / The Story “Maybe”

For those keeping up here rather than elsewhere, we received our next rude jolt from the Universe Friday evening. We were sitting at the pool with friends while our kids splashed about when at 7 P.M., my wife’s phone and my phone began ringing in sequence with numbers we didn’t recognize. Checking the voicemail, it… Continue reading MDA Camp Canceled / The Story “Maybe”

Children’s Hospital Visit

We had a full day in the hospital as our son was in for full work-ups in cardiology and pulmonary departments. As usual, nothing went as planned, but that’s not to say it was a terrible day. Children’s Hospital truly is an amazing place to visit, with so many levels of humanity operating simultaneously right… Continue reading Children’s Hospital Visit