The Carthusian’s Cell. The Buddha’s Mind.

  As a Catholic school graduate, I was well-versed with different religious orders, but I have to admit that it was a recluse trying to leave a dark past behind, that introduced me to the Carthusians. Drew MacLane was compelling to me, as was his description of the Carthusian life: priests living largely as a… Continue reading The Carthusian’s Cell. The Buddha’s Mind.

Twenty-Year Periodicity Observed on VHF

I sat with the radio on, listening to the local VHF repeater, background noise for whatever else I was doing at the time… Repeaters are popular in the ham radio world: By occupying the high ground within a region, the repeater is able to hear an operator’s weak signal–typically from a low-powered walkie-talkie-like radio–and re-transmit… Continue reading Twenty-Year Periodicity Observed on VHF

Cause & Effect

Once upon a time, I was completely enthralled with a project I was on. It was an underdog, a bete noire–what value could there possibly be in the work? But we knew the importance would be proved. There were long hours away from family as I tended to the job at all hours, doing what… Continue reading Cause & Effect

Stopping Short

Is there a Doctor in the House? I have a masters degree. I also have a fair body of original research reviewed and approved as a dissertation submission. What I am missing from completing a Ph.D. is going back and sitting through some classes: paying the money and doing the time. Does this make sense?… Continue reading Stopping Short

Impulse, Thought, and Regret

Yesterday, a trip from Central New Jersey to Baltimore that might otherwise have taken three hours took four instead. That extra middle hour was, for all intents and purposes, spent between the first three exits on I-95 inside Delaware. The southbound lanes were deadlocked. Midday this first weekend of summer, it was sunny and hot,… Continue reading Impulse, Thought, and Regret

Karma, Delusion, and Such

With every breath, you live an entire lifetime. You are reborn, you live, and you die. Between the rise and fall of just one breath, the entire universe—including every aspect of you—has changed. Assuming another breath follows this one, your entire circumstances—where you are and what baggage you brought with you from the last breath… Continue reading Karma, Delusion, and Such