“In my opinion, …”

Regarding the content of a college course, an incensed parent responds to a request by another parent asking to please not make waves for the rest of us: My son is 20 years old. He was previously homeschooled, but this has nothing to do with that fact. What he encountered was inappropriate at any age.… Continue reading “In my opinion, …”

“My kid hates math!”

… but then I think back: I so hated social studies in the lower grades and then history in the higher grades that it was palatable. I dreaded the classes. My projects were always turned in late. I barely passed some tests. The B or C on the report card drew everyone’s eye every time.… Continue reading “My kid hates math!”

The Package

What might this message mean to convey? Excerpt from (Some Organization’s) Guidelines Promotions and Ranking: It is important to understand that rank comes from one’s sensei and not an organization. This is one of the core precepts of the student/sensei relationship. This holds true for everyone in the (organization). It seems innocuous enough. Let me… Continue reading The Package

Fudoshin: Immovable Mind

Everybody begins with a clean slate—zero points. Over time, you will have the opportunity to earn points through tests, quizzes, explaining questions at the board, doing extra-credit work, and so forth. There will be no shortage of points, and anyone who wants to do more work will have the opportunity. When the semester ends, we… Continue reading Fudoshin: Immovable Mind

A Ronin’s Story, Part 5: Teaching

At the end of class, as we sat in seiza, I had a realization. And so I asked: Who was tested here today? In fact, I set out that morning only to assess their readiness, not to “test” anyone, so there was no announcement that this was what had occurred. After the members speculated a… Continue reading A Ronin’s Story, Part 5: Teaching

An Instructor’s Self-Examination

Did you create the club? Did you create the club independently or did you receive a commission to create the club from a larger organization? Did you purchase a franchise? Did you claim a territory? What title do you claim? Did you assign it to yourself? What does that title assert about your role in… Continue reading An Instructor’s Self-Examination