Good and Evil, Revisted: Who’s the Good Guy?

I conducted the following demonstration in an Aikido class: I held a tanto—a traditional wooden practice knife—and asked a student to grab my arm and prevent me from cutting him. He grabbed morotedori—two hands securely holding my knife-wielding arm. We scuffled a bit, and then I pinned him to the ground, retaining the tanto. The… Continue reading Good and Evil, Revisted: Who’s the Good Guy?

Wisdom Seen Elsewhere: Merton on Lao Tzu

On the contrary, [Lao Tzu] is trying to preach a doctrine which to Westerners seems oversubtle: that the reality of humanity and righteousness is right there in front of your nose if only you will practice them without self-conscious reflection, or self-congratulation, and without trying to explain and justify your acts by ethical theory. In… Continue reading Wisdom Seen Elsewhere: Merton on Lao Tzu

The Mind’s Gatekeeper

I recently saw this very interesting quote in another discussion thread: But what we allow into our minds cannot be erased and so it’s in our own best interest to be very careful what we let inside. We’re our own gatekeepers, and by taking this responsibility we do not become easily offended. While we both… Continue reading The Mind’s Gatekeeper

Good & Evil Questions

Young homeschoolers in a study group are considering the following questions. Amazing! I think the questions are valuable enough for everyone to consider—just as all of those who have come before us had. What is good? What is evil? Do absolute good and evil exist? Are only humans evil, or is there evil in nature?… Continue reading Good & Evil Questions