Cause & Effect

Once upon a time, I was completely enthralled with a project I was on. It was an underdog, a bete noire–what value could there possibly be in the work? But we knew the importance would be proved. There were long hours away from family as I tended to the job at all hours, doing what… Continue reading Cause & Effect

Apple + Christmas = Fail

I’ve purchased three iPhones. Of these, two have been defective out-of-the-box. The first was my first, a first generation iPhone. It was DOA — no charge, no taking a charge. I turned around and headed back to the Apple Store and made the exchange — no problem. Next was my wife’s phone, another first generation. No… Continue reading Apple + Christmas = Fail

Define “Failure,” Please…

I did that thing I haven’t done in years: I turned on the talk radio for a moment during a drive.  It’s health care reform discussion, naturally—well, not health care reform so much as the usual partisan bickering. Naturally, these talk radio shows themselves thrive and thereby profit from the extreme divisiveness, so it is… Continue reading Define “Failure,” Please…

Fallen Heroes / Shattered Delusions

The following post is inspired by a well written Aikido blog posting entitled “Hypocrite” revealing a practitioner’s hurt on learning of an alleged inappropriate relationship between a well respected, high-ranking Aikido teacher and a 13-year-old student. There are undoubtedly many people who will experience the news the same way: If this fellow was a role… Continue reading Fallen Heroes / Shattered Delusions

“Hey! That’s *my* job not to do!!!”

I took a non-traditional path through the internship program. Rather than going to different offices to experience different problems, I followed one problem through several different offices, strapping together a workflow of individual technical solutions wherein the output of one office’s work becomes the input of another with other offices providing necessary ad hoc support… Continue reading “Hey! That’s *my* job not to do!!!”