What We Learned at Home during the Pandemic

The daily New York Times summary piece entitled “Voluntary School” (by David Leonhardt) was in my inbox this morning. It’s multifaceted, with a little something for anyone in there, but the article might be summarized in a three-point gist: We all accepted that compulsory schooling is a good thing; Remote learning during the Pandemic failed;… Continue reading What We Learned at Home during the Pandemic

Buddhist Tradition

Buddhist Geeks, Episode #69, is part two of a discussion centered upon the new American Buddhist teachers. There is a fundamental question at the heart of the exchange: whether or not a nontraditional teacher can be a legitimate teacher. As a homeschooler, I have some insight. Here is my response, which should be applicable well… Continue reading Buddhist Tradition

Off-Topic Absurdity: Research on Spanking

A line from a news story today making its rounds on the AP Wire: “The best-kept secret in child psychology is that children who were never spanked are among the best behaved,” Straus said. Really, is there anything more that we can add? But please, do check the story anyway. This points to the state… Continue reading Off-Topic Absurdity: Research on Spanking

What is Worth Learning?

I said something at the dinner table the other night that made me very unpopular: “In retrospect, nothing I learned in school actually mattered.” This I absent-mindedly said in front of my wife, a college-trained teacher, and my daughter whom she homeschools. When I taught mathematics, and for that matter when I was a student,… Continue reading What is Worth Learning?

“In my opinion, …”

Regarding the content of a college course, an incensed parent responds to a request by another parent asking to please not make waves for the rest of us: My son is 20 years old. He was previously homeschooled, but this has nothing to do with that fact. What he encountered was inappropriate at any age.… Continue reading “In my opinion, …”

Good & Evil Questions

Young homeschoolers in a study group are considering the following questions. Amazing! I think the questions are valuable enough for everyone to consider—just as all of those who have come before us had. What is good? What is evil? Do absolute good and evil exist? Are only humans evil, or is there evil in nature?… Continue reading Good & Evil Questions

Fudoshin: Immovable Mind

Everybody begins with a clean slate—zero points. Over time, you will have the opportunity to earn points through tests, quizzes, explaining questions at the board, doing extra-credit work, and so forth. There will be no shortage of points, and anyone who wants to do more work will have the opportunity. When the semester ends, we… Continue reading Fudoshin: Immovable Mind

The Tao of Homeschooling

Before we married, my then-girlfriend and I discussed our expectations, including what we wanted from family life. We agreed that the formerly traditional stay-at-home mom model best fit our vision for our children-to-be, and later we structured our lives to make that vision a reality. Years later we were married university students. She pursued a… Continue reading The Tao of Homeschooling