A Thought Exercise, Part 2

A group of men are waiting outside a conference room before the hour. The highest ranking military member is a mid-grade officer; the highest ranking civilian member outranks him. There is good-natured conversation, but the language becomes… colorful. Opposite the conference room in the hall are vending machines. The men make way when a woman… Continue reading A Thought Exercise, Part 2

Zen and Aikido: An Exercise

First, a Technique We begin with your opponent, the uke, standing in front of you, grabbing your arms at the elbows, pushing slightly. Your job is to slide off-line to the left with your left foot—whether entering forward or retreating back—and then pivot on the ball of your left foot so that your right leg… Continue reading Zen and Aikido: An Exercise

Losing My Religion

I once taught a college algebra class at the local community college. “College algebra” is a misnomer of sorts: For many, the content of this course is covered in middle school or at least high school; rather than college-level algebra, this course is something of a minimum requirement for anyone’s graduation. Naturally, the course had… Continue reading Losing My Religion

“I believe in harmony, you idiot!”

I have Google Reader set to do a standing query for blogs that mention Aikido. I appreciate when people speak about Aikido in their own words, revealing how the practice of this martial art affects each person individually. Consider this excerpt from the posting Aikido: The Peaceful Resolution of Conflict: The point is, there is… Continue reading “I believe in harmony, you idiot!”

“In my opinion, …”

Regarding the content of a college course, an incensed parent responds to a request by another parent asking to please not make waves for the rest of us: My son is 20 years old. He was previously homeschooled, but this has nothing to do with that fact. What he encountered was inappropriate at any age.… Continue reading “In my opinion, …”

Tonight’s Aikido Practice

From earlier this spring: Though I sat in an adjacent room with a book, I was fairly certain that the muffled screams were not part of the Comedy Channel program on the television. Just after midnight, on the first relatively warm evening in a fortnight, unfriendly activity that might otherwise have remained quiet indoors and… Continue reading Tonight’s Aikido Practice

One Sensei’s Dojo

Who has something to show? From the traditional professor’s vantage point, beyond the class’ students was a wall of windows looking out toward the student union building, with young coeds climbing and descending the long flights of stairs between here and there. But this was a class conducted in the tradition of Moore’s Method: I… Continue reading One Sensei’s Dojo