Sushi for Lunch?

So, many of you who know my son also know Sushi the Badger, a tangible manifestation of one of his many “imaginary” friends.  Sushi is part of the family–sometimes a very annoying part, especially while we all sit in traffic during a rush-hour drive to the hospital–but it’s a voice and a friend.  What’s a… Continue reading Sushi for Lunch?

What is Disease? Letter to the IAFF through MDA

Firefighters of the Eastern Region! It is a beautiful spring day! The sun is shining brightly and a cool breeze blows. In this moment, it is so easy to look at our lawns and forget that not so long ago they were buried in over four-feet of snow, and it is so easy to look… Continue reading What is Disease? Letter to the IAFF through MDA

Define “Failure,” Please…

I did that thing I haven’t done in years: I turned on the talk radio for a moment during a drive.  It’s health care reform discussion, naturally—well, not health care reform so much as the usual partisan bickering. Naturally, these talk radio shows themselves thrive and thereby profit from the extreme divisiveness, so it is… Continue reading Define “Failure,” Please…

A Note on Health Care Reform

My nine-year-old son has a pre-existing condition.  He’s had it since birth.  It’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  It’s incurable and it’s steadily degenerative. Through no fault of his own, I lost my job sometime ago.  Through no fault of his own, I could not afford COBRA payments, which for a family of four were on… Continue reading A Note on Health Care Reform

Chasing Wisdom and Compassion

Buddhists, like many religious, tout the attributes of wisdom and compassion. Some go on to make a practice of cultivating them. Unfortunately, it is easy for such a practice to lead one astray. The want or need to act compassionately itself kills compassion.The want or need to act wisely itself kills wisdom. Compassion does not… Continue reading Chasing Wisdom and Compassion