How Many Times Have We Died?

When my father died 30+ years ago, I died too. I was 19. My biggest stress was finding my way as a college underclassman. I was upstairs in my room with my girlfriend, carefree, when a police officer knocked on my door. He told me my father was downstairs having a heart attack. Whoever I… Continue reading How Many Times Have We Died?

Of Course You’re Right!

We constantly work to make sense of the world around us. So, today the world is flat and leeches are balancing the humors?  Cool.  Pursuing this theory or that, scrying more deeply into all that is around you, you’ll see the evidence you seek and you’ll be tempted deeper into the puzzle.  You take another… Continue reading Of Course You’re Right!

Cause & Effect

Once upon a time, I was completely enthralled with a project I was on. It was an underdog, a bete noire–what value could there possibly be in the work? But we knew the importance would be proved. There were long hours away from family as I tended to the job at all hours, doing what… Continue reading Cause & Effect

“Please Mind the Gap”

請小心列車與月台間之空隙 (“Please mind the gap between the train and the platform”) Taking the train around the city, the Cantonese made no sense to me, but the British-accented translation always followed: “Please mind the gap…” It echoes still today. In a foreign land, there is where you are, standing still. There before you is where you… Continue reading “Please Mind the Gap”

Tell Me Why

Having a reason:Does it change circumstances?It is what it is. Change itself happens in an instant, the simultaneous creation of a flash of lightning and the roar of thunder as in one place the atmosphere is locally rebalanced. The effects are seldom so local, though, and, like the storm, change can be destructive. We make… Continue reading Tell Me Why