Taking Refuge in the Storm

[I encourage you to listen rather than just read ~ the ambient rain and thunder are worthwhile.] Last night I was planning to take this post in another direction, but the afternoon’s circumstances doubled-down … and now maybe that direction has proven more true. I remember when I was younger, maybe 40 or so years… Continue reading Taking Refuge in the Storm

Hear Me!

“Not being burdened with the need to be heard, to be understood, to push a point, to be liked, or to be right, life is much simpler.” ~Me Have I already made an error? Is this statement itself not my own effort to push a point? But wait: Is that actually what the statement says?… Continue reading Hear Me!

Define “Failure,” Please…

I did that thing I haven’t done in years: I turned on the talk radio for a moment during a drive.  It’s health care reform discussion, naturally—well, not health care reform so much as the usual partisan bickering. Naturally, these talk radio shows themselves thrive and thereby profit from the extreme divisiveness, so it is… Continue reading Define “Failure,” Please…

Conversation: “We have seen the Enemy, …”

Question: “Remember – directly attacking bad guys (war) means they win because we become them. So, how do we get the riveted attention of the bad guys and make them think twice?” Response: Looking forward, seeing one on the other side,Shouting, his voice annoys you.How will you get his attention,Not recognizing the back of your… Continue reading Conversation: “We have seen the Enemy, …”