In Brief: Adjusting the WordPress RSS Feeds

I suppose that I shouldn’t have been surprised that a site’s RSS feed production fell under WordPress core functionality. After all, it is fairly powerful, producing RSS, RSS2, Atom, and RDF presentations of all posts as well as posts by category and tag and author and … and it does fall outside what the user… Continue reading In Brief: Adjusting the WordPress RSS Feeds

Git with Tea? Old Software Projects Trickling Up

I used to work in an organization with a lot of code-named activities. As a general rule, the names were supposed to be randomly generated with no obvious indicators about what the activity was really doing; however, we all knew that if you were going to get your project funded, you needed at least a… Continue reading Git with Tea? Old Software Projects Trickling Up

Quick Sketch: Containerized Network Services

TL/DR Brief discussion of two use cases solved with lightweight LXC containers as part of a laptop’s network stack. Notes This is not a HowTo. It’s only a high-level sketch of a solution. This is an advanced topic requiring advanced skill in few other topics. To deploy something like this, you will have to be… Continue reading Quick Sketch: Containerized Network Services

General Updates, Monday 23 August 2021

Tor and Tor-Only Federated Services So this is an unusual one. My social media reach is minimal as it is, but occasionally — when something is interesting enough — someone will note one of my posts and engage. For a bit more than a week, I’ve had Tor-Only Pleroma and Prosody XMPP Chat & Multi-User… Continue reading General Updates, Monday 23 August 2021

Job Advertisement Koan, Part 1

A wondering monk was scrolling through the timeline when he stumbled across a product team’s post to the Fediverse indicating that they were hiring senior engineers. Intrigued but naturally suspicious of unattributed posts and the links they contained, the monk fired up a fresh virtual machine running Tails OS and took a look through the… Continue reading Job Advertisement Koan, Part 1

Federated Services and Trust

As part of an ongoing experiment to pack several popular services into a small deployment, I decided to raise the personal challenge level a bit and make the services available only through the Tor network. I started with a Pleroma instance (think “self-hosted Twitter”), and to that I added XMPP chat plus Multi-User Chat (MUC)… Continue reading Federated Services and Trust

The Trouble with FOSS…

Here’s a story in process that demonstrates a FOSS concern in working projects. Fortunately, the client is just me. The objective is a Tor-only “dark web” Pleroma install ~ not previously done by me, but I know the parts and there’s a lightweight page or two in the Pleroma documents indicating that it’s basically possible.… Continue reading The Trouble with FOSS…

“Alexa, Why are you so creepy?”

People complaining about Amazon’s Alexa — and by extension Apple’s Siri, Google’s “Hey Google,” and whatever else — I agree with you. But then there’s reality: My son has muscular dystrophy. Do you know how powerful it is for him to be able to adjust the lights in his room with just his voice? To… Continue reading “Alexa, Why are you so creepy?”

“Fork it.”

FOSS — “Free and Open Source Software” — is arguably at the heart of the internet itself as well as every commercial enterprise that builds something that rides on a computer. What’s truly amazing is that it’s all there for the taking: You’ve got the source code and all the tools to build the applications… Continue reading “Fork it.”

EFF on Apple’s Latest Shenanigans

Client-side and server-side examination of user content. You know, For the Children™. But, hey, only if the AI says so? Apple has announced impending changes to its operating systems that include new “protections for children” features in iCloud and iMessage. If you’ve spent any time following the Crypto Wars, you know what this means: Apple… Continue reading EFF on Apple’s Latest Shenanigans