The Manhattan Project, 9/11-Style

What do you call “binge watching” when you’re not quite watching? When it’s simply your background noise of choice? Over the last few days, I’ve had the 2014-2015 TV series, “Manhattan” (Wikipedia link), streaming from Hulu in the background. It’s the dramatized story of an intensely emotional time, blazing resolve, fiery patriotism, unlimited budgets, brilliant… Continue reading The Manhattan Project, 9/11-Style

RSS and the Engaged Community

RSS may be a convenience for many, but I’m not convinced it’s helping to build an engaged community. In the worst case, it’s just feeding search engines and parasites. If you’re an RSS reader, drop by and say “hello;” else, that access is closing shortly.

A Ghost in the Machine, or the Creation of Adam?

Thumb to the screen, “Let there be Light!” You’re sitting back, thumbing through the timeline and reading about an early success against what appears to be an extraordinary evil. The horror emerged as you predicted. No one listened when you warned them. The ways you said people should organize and the skills you said they… Continue reading A Ghost in the Machine, or the Creation of Adam?

Coffee Thoughts & Yellow Leaves, Wednesday 25 August

One of the saddest aspects of living like an artist or living like a monk is seeing another suffering and not being able to materially help. Maybe all we have in that moment is an “I’ve already given all that I had and I am suffering too.” Wisdom isn’t valued in the marketplace, it seems…… Continue reading Coffee Thoughts & Yellow Leaves, Wednesday 25 August

General Updates, Monday 23 August 2021

Tor and Tor-Only Federated Services So this is an unusual one. My social media reach is minimal as it is, but occasionally — when something is interesting enough — someone will note one of my posts and engage. For a bit more than a week, I’ve had Tor-Only Pleroma and Prosody XMPP Chat & Multi-User… Continue reading General Updates, Monday 23 August 2021

Job Advertisement Koan, Part 1

A wondering monk was scrolling through the timeline when he stumbled across a product team’s post to the Fediverse indicating that they were hiring senior engineers. Intrigued but naturally suspicious of unattributed posts and the links they contained, the monk fired up a fresh virtual machine running Tails OS and took a look through the… Continue reading Job Advertisement Koan, Part 1

“Alexa, Why are you so creepy?”

People complaining about Amazon’s Alexa — and by extension Apple’s Siri, Google’s “Hey Google,” and whatever else — I agree with you. But then there’s reality: My son has muscular dystrophy. Do you know how powerful it is for him to be able to adjust the lights in his room with just his voice? To… Continue reading “Alexa, Why are you so creepy?”

“Fork it.”

FOSS — “Free and Open Source Software” — is arguably at the heart of the internet itself as well as every commercial enterprise that builds something that rides on a computer. What’s truly amazing is that it’s all there for the taking: You’ve got the source code and all the tools to build the applications… Continue reading “Fork it.”

Introducing: HOWTO$

I spend a lot of time being generous with technical know-how and experience to folks on-line. I enjoy that: I can’t help but think it raises the level of the entire community — plus, who knows how much of what I know has come from other people’s sharing as well? In the last few years,… Continue reading Introducing: HOWTO$