Emerging from the Gopher Hole, Looking for Work

My basic, high-level, “I hope this inspires a conversation” resume has not been getting a lot of hits. I’m hopeful that’s just my not playing to some automated keyword filters or other algorithms… So today I’ve spent a good deal of time reviewing 20-30 years of all of my technical work and decomposing that into… Continue reading Emerging from the Gopher Hole, Looking for Work


Milestone, 1 October References: My Post: US COVID: 700K New York Times data (git repository): https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data.git

Linux Puzzler from the Fediverse

Check out all those quotes! It’s established that the alias is looking for the /dev/sdc* storage devices and displaying the percent full from column five. But how to make sense of all those different quotation marks? Credit for the puzzler? This post from xpil@fosstodon.org. Solution String concatenation. Consider Note: The alias command does some escaping… Continue reading Linux Puzzler from the Fediverse


Probably a bit more than a month ago, I openly questioned whether things would accelerate so badly that we’d hit the next 100k milestone by the end of the month. On September 1st, the (New York Times data) count was 642,454 dead — numbers reflecting counts from the day before. Today, 692,737. That’s 50-thousand more.… Continue reading US COVID: 700K

“Come down from there!”

I’ll leave this post without context. Think of it as a found handwritten note that had fallen behind the antique desk drawer, the remainder of the exchange lost to time. If you can decide for yourself what it means, you’ll have learned something ~ not necessarily about them, but definitely something about you. When I… Continue reading “Come down from there!”