Late Night Chat with a Passing Storm

Taken from the Fediverse timeline, Stream of Consciousness without Context, after an evening walk and cool-down meditation on the patio.

In my Fediverse timeline, I went to what was missing. At the muted account’s profile page, I saw a term I did not recognize. A covert search brought disparate results, but one did catch my eye: A product SKU containing that string. The product? A tee shirt with the saying,

“Relax. God is in control.”

“It’s difficult now, but you must persist.” “Persevere.” “Stay on the path.” “Relax. God is in control.” … I have no idea what it means. Persevere at what? Try harder to what? To relax?

Let’s not dwell there.

A storm is brewing. Dull lightning flashes without thunder. Even the wind has nothing to say. The elephant ears dip in mediation, not concerned with impending rain. But who knows what it means?

Then the downpour… each singular raindrop repeating the universe’s message to you until what blocks your understanding is washed away.

But this storm is falling everywhere, and I am not alone, I’m sure, sitting with the rain. So I will ask: What does it mean to You?

“Not even a thought has arisen; is there still a sin or not?”

To have experienced something that insists upon you revealing it…

No, that is not it.

Still, the storm is not departing. Misunderstanding persists.

Life is too short to examine every case, it seems. The dragon in the fog doesn’t know that everything is its tail.

Persevere at what? Stay in what fight? The message continues like bare asses pointed at the sails…

Knowing that everything is halal is haram. Have you found who needs to hear it?

How many days is ideal, by the way? How many days must a thought be sealed away before its reappearance everywhere, even as a whisper on the wind, is recognized as a miraculous?

How often do our words die for us? How often do they come back to haunt us? How often to let us know we are saved?

I will leave the messages out there. I will trust they will find their way to whomever needs to hear them.

Now to change from this stinky tee shirt…

* * *

By Joe

Puzzle Wrestler & Mountain Herder. Math & Computer Nerd since the 80s. Longtime linux (current debian, ubuntu, raspian, centos, gentoo), currently fighting feebsd. Over-complicates networks for fun, occasionally secures them for profit. Develops own tools & services (cli, web services, and lately some android). Degrees in Math, Belts in Aikido. Zen, Motorcycle, Ham Radio, Homebrew (Ale, not Radio), Coffee & Tea, some Mandolin & Fiddle, MDA Advocacy (son with Duchenne), …

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