EFF on Apple’s Latest Shenanigans

Client-side and server-side examination of user content. You know, For the Children™. But, hey, only if the AI says so?

Apple has announced impending changes to its operating systems that include new “protections for children” features in iCloud and iMessage. If you’ve spent any time following the Crypto Wars, you know what this means: Apple is planning to build a backdoor into its data storage system and its messaging system.

EFF: “Apple’s Plan to “Think Different” About Encryption Opens a Backdoor to Your Private Life” (link)

Joe’s Security Axioms, Abridged & Subject to Change

  1. Amorality: Technical capabilities are not bound by ethics, policy, terms of service, end user agreements, or marketing.
  2. Precedent: Once in place, technical capabilities are not removed. If anything, they are expanded and duplicated.
  3. Exploitability: If a technical capability can be exploited, it will be — and probably not as you imagined.
  4. Client-Side: It doesn’t matter if you use end-to-end encryption if your endpoint is compromised.
  5. Server-Side: Data held by a third party will inevitably be mined, compromised, and exploited.

No worries though. You have nothing to hide. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?

By Joe

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