When the Website says 6am, but the Door says 8…

It’s Sunday morning and the house is asleep. Last night we found the kitchen sink backing-up / draining slowly. It’s a tedious matter: There’s a garbage disposal in-line from the drain, as well as a feed from the dishwasher. There’s also a vent that comes back up near the faucet that presumably keeps the water hammering away. Bottom line? You can’t use a plunger — try and water will shoot up through that vent, and there’s no good way to seal-off that vent to channel the force down the line. Snaking the drain generally involves pulling the garbage disposal. It’s all painful — but the alternative, having someone else do it, can be several hundred dollars…

Round One — almost inevitably futile, but sometimes it helps — Liquid Plumber, Gel Edition. It’s at least $15 a bottle. I’ll pick up two and feed the upstairs sinks and showers as preventative maintenance; the rest will, in some small doses, start in the kitchen sink.

Checking last night, the store’s website said doors open 6 A.M. The few folks standing outside with me thought the same. At least it was nice to start the day with some friendly conversation. “See you in two hours!” 🙂

The Dunkin’ Donuts, however, was true to its word. Today I splurged and let them make my coffee. A bagel sandwich for me, and a half-dozen assorted donuts for the others as a treat. I caught up on some system testing, some wiki maintenance, and even a blog post 🙂

A half-hour until the doors open. Last sips, then saddle-up! Figure it’s only a few hours more until I discover it was all futile anyway :-p

By Joe

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  1. @Joe Just a follow-up: Three doses of Liquid Plumber Gel Max later — measure the faucet's time-to-fill, add chemicals, wait 30-minutes, repeat — and the obstruction finally gave way. Watching the water rise again was disheartening; watching it suddenly stabilize with flow in equal to flow out gave hope; and watching the water suddenly drop in a swirl as the faucet continued to run was bliss 🙂

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