Don’t Feed the Birds

Out of curiosity, I logged into and scrolled down through the top-level titles, publishing date, and hit count view of my most longstanding blog. Just eyeballing, the most views any one of my posts received was a bit over 1900 — and that’s cumulative, since mid-2011. Another had just over 1800 — again, cumulative since 2012. Most posts never come close to those numbers; moreover, looking at titles and counts, I suspect that most posts were quite accidental — not intentional click-bait, and certainly not out-of-context for the blog, but likely that the search engines had no sense of nuance when making recommendations.

As for engagement, I’m pretty sure the most comments I’ve received on a post probably tops off around three.

Meanwhile, …

In parallel, someone’s posted in the Fediverse asking whether or not people maintain YouTube accounts and channel subscriptions. There is some early discussion indicating that some people use third-party services to watch channels of interests without associating themselves with YouTube itself. There’s also some discussion about not wanting to encourage the content creators to seek reward from YouTube’s unfair and capricious business model.

Like, Subscribe, Comment!

Those posts with the higher hit counts? A few of them disappointed me: the readers largely didn’t understand what I intended. They left me irritated that, for all the time the search engines spend crawling over my sites, they still brought the “wrong” people to my posts.

A more savvy person with the intention to build an engaged audience would certainly view all of that a different way. I’d track the hit and comment counts against the content, style, and techniques, and I’d tinker with them to see if the I could get those numbers to rise.

Before you know it, I’d be writing what people want to hear rather than what I wanted to say.

And to think: There are people on the other side of the equation gaming how to influence what the content creators produce and where they post it…

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