“Skillful Means” versus “Right Speech”

To be clear, there’s nothing special about what’s in the screenshot box of text below. The topic could be anything — and that’s precisely the point. We may use language in a particular way as a means to an end, but is the end we create a better for it?

The post “Contagion” that you boosted ~ I’m curious about your personal opinion: Do you believe the author’s imagery and rhetoric bolster or are essential to the argument?

Opening paragraph from the boosted post, “Contagion”

Essential – as in, would be deemed important in a court case – probably not. But it certainly get the author’s point across in no uncertain terms, doesn’t it!

As a rule I don’t make choices using feelings as my criteria; facts alone – using intellect – are the only way to make good decisions. I believe that 100%. Then again, though I don’t make choices based on articles containing “imagery and rhetoric” intended to trigger emotion, such reading is useful for piquing my curiosity to the point where I consider further study to research facts that I may have not been fully aware, or that fit into the overall picture differently than I had assumed. So while not, essential, definitely useful.

Good question, Joe 🙂

~”Person on the Internet” who boosted the post

I appreciate the level-headed answer, but I have to confess I never heard the author’s point; I only heard bias, derision, divisiveness, and maybe hate. 😕

If in time I drop following your account, know it’s not your opinion on one issue or another that’s the cause ~ I respect the associated rights; rather, it’s that I have a inherent distaste of people who use language in such a way, and by choice I don’t follow accounts that promulgate it.

Peace always 🙂


Peace Always.
Always Peace.

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