Classes to Resume in Columbia, MD 21045


It wasn’t the hurricane or the earthquake, but rather the third event, a tropical storm last September, when, just after midnight, an old oak tree decided it had had enough.

We finally moved back in this past Friday.

The room that we keep empty for classes–the room to the right in this picture–was unharmed; however, as it was an empty room, it was put into service by us to store some household items and by the contractors to store supplies for the reconstruction. Heat and water were turned off for the winter. So many workers were coming and going. Since it truly was a disaster area, all gatherings here were halted for the duration; and since we were not living here for the bulk of the repairs, I did not advertise the fact too widely. Instead, I shifted focus to koan practice in public places and we made do.

The house is now functional though cluttered as we put everything back into its proper place, but the dojo / zendo area is back in service and ready for scheduling.

New Direction

If you haven’t seen the new tab at the top of this page, you may have missed the one labeled “Three Zen Questions.” If you’re a fan of the koan, you may have heard “Who am I?” “Where am I coming from?” and “What does it mean?” more than once. I used those questions in a decidedly non-koan way to outline my own thinking. Go ahead and take a look if you haven’t already. In particular, check the last line:
Where our intentions meet, I know we will all benefit.

What does that mean? Most importantly, it means that our intentions do not have to be the same. You don’t have to share my vision; you may only want to find a quiet place to sit or a hand to improve your iriminage–and that’s okay–but my priority is set and I am ultimately looking for resonance. The people who come and stay will form a crew that mutually supports one another in practice and in daily life, and that seems like a nice vision to me.
Sound good? As usual, discussion is welcome!
Next up: Scheduling, Pricing, Etc. Feel free to submit your preferences now.

By Joe

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