New at Sword Mountain – Ikkyo vs. Not-Ikkyo: Intention in Aikido

Just a heads-up to readers here that new Aikido and Zen material is posted to the Sword Mountain Aikido and Zen blog. The latest installment, “Ikkyo versus Not-Ikkyo: Intention in Aikido” describes my own failure in teaching a technique and how that is a personal point of practice for me.

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By Joe

Puzzle Wrestler & Mountain Herder. Math & Computer Nerd since the 80s. Longtime linux (current debian, ubuntu, raspian, centos, gentoo), currently fighting feebsd. Over-complicates networks for fun, occasionally secures them for profit. Develops own tools & services (cli, web services, and lately some android). Degrees in Math, Belts in Aikido. Zen, Motorcycle, Ham Radio, Homebrew (Ale, not Radio), Coffee & Tea, some Mandolin & Fiddle, MDA Advocacy (son with Duchenne), …

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