“I believe in harmony, you idiot!”

I have Google Reader set to do a standing query for blogs that mention Aikido. I appreciate when people speak about Aikido in their own words, revealing how the practice of this martial art affects each person individually.

Consider this excerpt from the posting Aikido: The Peaceful Resolution of Conflict:

The point is, there is always a way to achieve peaceful resolution in all conflict – in everything from terrorism to inner city gangs. Of course, when you have moronic idiots in charge of countries (like George W. Bush), it seems like an impossibility. Morihei Ueshiba, possibly the most prolific and powerful warrior who ever lived (besides Miyamoto Musashi), thought that harmony was the answer to every problem. Think about that. The baddest of the bad found a way to defeat any opponent without killing them. His teachings have had the most profound influence on my personal philosophy.

He says:

I respect your religious views but do not judge me for having different beliefs.

and later adds:

I recently got in an argument in the middle of an Aikido class. This Christian guy refused to practice ki breathing techniques because ki is not mentioned in the bible. He told me that ki was the devil’s working…hahaha!

The post closes:

I have learned to not get mad and to treat others with kindness and love through martial arts. Whatever path you choose in life, may it be one of peace and love:)

What might O’Sensei, Aikido’s founder, say about this particular understanding of Aikido? I do not presume to know the mind of the master, but I suspect: “More practice…”

Many of this blogger’s postings focus upon building a blog, so perhaps his intent is to incite and inspire commentary. You can judge whether this is sincerity or sensationalism.

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